July 31, 2015

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The Art of Pattern Mixing

Hi Dolls!

It is Smita here (owner of FFB). Today we are talking about pattern mixing. When done right this is one of my favorite trends!  Do a quick search on pinterest and you will see this trend everywhere. Here are some easy rules of thumb:

1. Keep in the family. As in color family. Different patterns within the same color family is a good start for beginners and someone who doesnt want a bold look.


Photo Credit: Pinterest 


Opposites attract.  Pattern mixing 101. Pair together an animal printand polka dot, a plaid and a polka dot, floral and geometric, etc. You have so many options here. Just try to keep your colors consistent. My favorite is mixing a basic print with a louder print such as stripes and floral. We love the top below from Fash Forward Boutique. It takes all the guesswork of pattern mixing.

Photo Credit: Fash Forward Boutique


3. Find one Common Color. Whether it's black, pink, green, or even just white, patterns become cohesive when you have one common color. Even if your patterns have several other colors that don't match up at all, it doesn't matter. That one common color will hold your outfit together and make your pattern combination look intentional.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


And remember ladies dont have more than THREE patterns in one outfit!






Smita Patel
Smita Patel


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